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    Default Can anything cause false "POP" alerts?

    Ive only had my RX65 a couple weeks, but have alredy found the LEO's in RI and MA using mostly KA or K radar. I drive mostly the same roads to and from work daily and weekly. Last Time I checked, Rhode Island doesn't use POP, as far as I know.

    This weekend driving on 95 north, right through the center of Providence, RI....I got a POP alert burst out of nowhere....3-4 seconds long, looked around...not a LEO in sight, on the highway or side street (that I could see).

    Today, driving home from work, 95 again (south this time) I was in a "rural" area, mostly woods etc. surrounding the highway. Same deal, POP alert, no LEO's visible anywhere.

    I've gotten several postive, valid hits on KA and K recently, along with the usual "X" subjeccts. This jsut seem to come out of nowhere, on the roads I drive over and over again.......any ideas? :shock:

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    Other (ususlly cheap) detectors are the usual cause of false POP alerts. But they can also be caused by barely out of range motions sensors or barely out of range regular police radar, sporadic reflections of radar, etc..

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    Ive had mine know for couple months
    I have only had 1 pop alert on my rx65. No leo's.

    And since it was in the town i live in, i know they dont use pop.
    Do the leo's use x band radar were you live? If not i would turn x band off or use low x.
    Like jimbonzzz said other detectors will cause the rx 65 to go off.
    Cobras are famous for this. I know i own 5 of them lol.
    But im guessing since you were driving in the woods there were probly no other cars around?
    If it happens again you might want to pull over and do some investigating
    to see what could be causing it to alert on pop. I have done this 2 times, like i kept getting hit with a ka alert in resident neighborhood. Found out it was from a satellite dish mounted on a roof.
    Sometimes You wonder if its working properly or not.
    So far i have been very pleased with the rx65.

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    Ah, gotcha. Makes sense, kinda like inter-mod a little bit....(I work in RF). we get rogue signals from cordless telephones, and BDA's(bi-directional amplifier--for better in building cellular coverage) messing up our RF all the time.......

    I've passed both of these locations twice since, and not a PEEP (or POP? :P )



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