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    Default 8500 x50 keeps going of on lazer

    i was wondering what wrong with my radar detector i have 1998 pontiac gtp when i give my car little gas to get up to speed is go's off on lazer not all the time 60 70% of the time i was just wondering why it dos that there is no cops around at all.

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    Sounds like a textbook case of a noisy electrical system, there are some filters you can get to fix this issue... also make sure the X50's plug is tight into the outlet.

    Also loose/bad battery connections -or any main electrical wires- (In the car audio world) have been known to also cause odd issues/whines in cd players.

    Thats ur best bet...

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    ^ Try changing over to the voltmeter reading, and see if you notice the behavior that GTRNSXS2K cites within that thread (i.e. > 14.5V spikes during acceleration).



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