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    Default Fuzzbuster "Spybuster" - Anyone remember it?

    I recall a unit from the late 80's called the Skybuster from Fuzzbuster, but can't seem to find any information on it. Google only returns one hit, that only briefly mentions.

    Skybuster was supposed to detect low flying aircraft running parallel to the road, as in a Police Air Patrol. I have no idea how it worked, but maybe it detected the transponder. I have no idea how well, or even if it worked. I suppose not all that well, since it wasn't on the market very long.

    If anyone has any information on the Skybuster, or can direct me to information on it, I'd greatly appreciate it.


    [I updated the title for this thread to reflect the correct spelling of the unit.]

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    One of these?
    You have the name a bit off, it was the "Spybuster".

    It detected aircraft transponders in the 1.09 GHz range.

    Here's the text from a couple of ads:


    OVERHEAD SURVEILLANCE -- Your speed is being clocked
    from above by a growing fleet of police-owned Cessna 172's
    and 182's. They don't use radar (it can't be used from
    airplanes), just a simple stopwatch, so your radar detector
    won't help. And by the time you notice the tell-tale white
    hash marks painted every 1/4 mile along the Interstates,
    it's too late! Using aircraft surveillance, troopers
    typically quadruple their tickets-per-hour versus radar
    (8/hr vs 2/hr!). Ohio alone has a fleet of 10 Cessnas and 3
    helicopters, with more on order. And in Florida, 1/4 mi.
    markers have been painted on 140 miles of continuous miles
    of Interstate. Clearly new technology is need to warn you
    of spies in the sky!

    A TRACKING COMPUTER -- Spybuster detects aircraft, not
    police radar! Highly specialized SMD circuitry operating at
    1-2 gigahertz [What I think they mean is that the thingy
    receives signals over that frequency range. If, however,
    they have built a computer with a clock speed of 2 GHz, I
    would like to know more...] receives signals from the FAA's
    ground-based aircraft surveillance system. As these signals
    reflect off airplanes, Spybuster locates and tracks with
    military precision [Well, that isn't saying much is it?
    Does anybody recall the precision of the DIVAD?!?] any plane
    within a 6 mile radius of your car (scans a full 360 deg.)
    [Thanks. I was always confused about how many degrees were
    in a complete radius]. With more than one plane in the
    area, Spybuster locks on to the closest one (police planes
    operate at a low 2000-5000'). It then computes that plane's
    closing rate relative to your position, ignoring fast-moving
    747's and jet fighters. Since surveillance Cessnas operate
    at only 100-140 mph [So, theoretically, I could out run one
    if I was going, oh, say 160...], Spybuster warns you
    immediately of any plane "loitering" in your area, or
    tracking a parallel course. Spybuster is occasionally [sic]
    fooled by an innocent civilian aircraft, but has proven
    uncannily accurate in identifying police planes before they
    get into position to clock your speed!

    TARGET RANGE READOUT -- Spybuster's power switch
    performs a self-test [Ok. How's it do that? Must be a *BEEP*
    complex switch.] and permits muting of the audio alert. The
    second green LED is the Tracking Indicator, and lights only
    when Spybuster has locked on to a suspect aircraft. [When
    will the surface-to-air missile option be available?] The
    4-segment Range Readout then flashes in sequence as the
    target plane or helicopter closes in. Variable Range
    Control lets you set the distance at which Spybuster alerts
    you. So when the audio is triggered, and the Range Readout
    begins to sequence, there's probably a Bear in the air!


    Price: $299

    "The SPYBUSTER(TM) is truly a star wars device. Over three years in
    design and development by the man who invented the Fuzzbuster(R), it
    will do what has been considered impossible...IT WILL DETECT
    SURVEILLANCE AIRCRAFT! Now you can defend yourself against this ever
    expanding menace."

    "The Federal Aviation Administration's new radar system now keeps
    track of virtually all aircraft in U.S. airspace. The SPYBUSTER(TM)
    utilizes Big Brother's own signals to automatically alert you to the
    presence of surveillance aircraft. This unique and highly
    sophisticated operating principle makes the SPYBUSTER(TM) effective
    and LEGAL throughout the country."

    The price of this wonder is $279.95 + $3.00 s&h, and you can order it
    from Electrolert, Inc., by calling 1-800-543-3848.

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    Interesting!!! I wonder why there isnt a new version of this out now. Did it not work as adverstized?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbonzzz
    One of these?
    You have the name a bit off, it was the "Spybuster".
    That's the one!

    Even under the correct name, I'm not finding much on Google (or I'm not using the right search terms.) Lots of spyware removal hits, but virtually nothing on this. It looks like AutoWeek did a review of it in the 5/29/89 issue.

    I've always wondered how well this unit worked. By the time I got around to deciding to buy one, I couldn't find them anymore.

    Thanks for the info. Anyone using one?

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    UPDATE: I just found the thread in this forum section titled "Spybuster" from January of 2006. Haven't had a chance to read it yet, but hopefully there's some good info in there.

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    Default is anyone

    Is anyone selling one of these out there?

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    Mabey it was a "Cold War" Commie Catcher used by the NSA ?

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    This is where a Uniden would be helpful, as in digital scanner not RD! Or maybe a Uniden CB. A Cobra might be useful too, but again I am speaking of the CB, not the RD!!!

    If you want to read more about air enforcement, get a copy of this month's Car and Driver.


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    I found an advertising sheet for it a couple weeks back. I never bought it, too cheap, but a buddy had one. Unfortunately he lived between Palwaukee and O'Hare airports so it was way less than useless!
    About a year later we drove out to Jackson Hole with it, a scanner, and IIRC a Passport. It worked great in Iowa and Nebraska if memory serves. Found 3 - 5 State Police planes before we caught radio transmissions with the scanner. Once the scanner got air-to-ground first but only by 1-2 minutes, probably not in range of ATC radar we guessed. No planes in Wyoming, I guess, and we left Illinois before dawn so they weren't flying. Only a half dozen falses we checked out with binoculars. Would have been nice to have image-stabilized binoculars but they were 10 years later in coming. Even the falses weren't bad since we knew when to look for planes.
    We watched a 182 or 210 pace us for almost 10 minutes. When he turned back East, watched till he was almost out of sight and then hit it, 427 'Vette. Went up to 140 for ~30 miles and had to pull off for gas. When we got back on I-80 the Cessna was back so back to 55, yawn.
    Just called him and reminisced, his wife tossed it 5 years ago in a move.

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    It's always the wifey throwing out stuff, huh



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