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    Default Models of RADAR guns with special features

    Hello all...

    Could someone point out what models of RADAR units have what features? I am looking especially for super-wideband mode, but it would also be nice to know what has POP and what has short-burst POP.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GET 1T DONE
    That mama bear sure has a mean look on her face.

    I am not just looking for MPH products, though. I just need a quick run-down of everything in mainstream use, and I don't really know how well the different brands sell.

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    Default Kustom

    Kustom also has some decent radar guns.

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    MPH is the *only* traffic RADAR manufacturer that makes POP guns. Dunno if its due to patent issues or maybe the other guys just aren't interested in it.

    There is no "wideband" radar, only wideband detectors. All police radars operate only on ONE frequency. However, the available spectrum for Ka band is much wider than that for X band (1 channel at 10.525 GHz) or K band (2 channels at 24.125 or 24.150, most are at the latter). Hence the reason why detectors have to have "wideband" Ka coverage.

    Probably the best way to find out what features are available on various models of RADAR is to visit the manufacturers' sites. Decatur and Stalker have a fair amount of information about their products on their sites, whereas MPH and Kustom have little in the way of specifications available to the public. Kustom is almost paranoid, you can't even download a spec sheet for their products without being a "Preferred Kustomer", which of course is limited to public safety agencies. If you get the right person on the phone at MPH, they'll send you product information for their current traffic radar products via the mail. Otherwise they've taken the Kustom approach of making you get a login. The guys I've talked with at Decatur are actually very nice to deal with and will send you any product info you desire.

    I actually had the Kustom Eagle series PDF a few years ago, but it got lost when one of my hard drives crashed. It was probably the only thing I'd seen that actually explained what the differences are between the four(4!) Eagle radars are. If anyone else has a copy of it, I'd appreciate it if you could send it my way.

    FYI, you can do a little Google search and find the PDF spec sheets for many models.

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    I still to this day can't figure out why they don't fix their website.

    By the way, is there a huge difference between the Decatur Genesis II line and the Kustom Signals EAGLE II Series Radar units? Here is Charlotte that's all they use.

    I really hate their KA 35.5 guns, they always leave ghost images
    and give multiple signals at close range on Expert mode

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orbital75
    I really hate their KA 35.5 guns, they always leave ghost images
    and give multiple signals at close range on Expert mode
    Yes, my Kustom Golden Eagle 35.5 shows 2 threats up close when there is only one.



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