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    Default Any Québec user ? im new here need info ! Vector 975

    Hi there ! im new to this forum !

    i have been brossing around and i cant find my anwser so maybe somone can help ?

    I am from Canada Québec and i wish to know if the Vector 975 Remote
    would be useful for me ..? anyway if someone can help me im fairly new to Radar detector :P or maybee the RX 75 IS better i just want to know what would work in Québec

    holp talking to some of you soon !!!

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    SmartA$$Sabr is from Quebec returning from the US after doing some testing.

    I can tell you that the only RD we recommend in Canada is the Bel Sti since it is undetectable to the device called Spectre used by the provincial police.

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    Indeed. The 975R is nice, but get the STI.



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