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    Default On board Radar

    In Greece police uses on-board cameras. The radar uses the K band 24.125 GHz and the equipment is coming from Gatso. They have 3 different tecniques:

    1. They photograph the rear of the car as you pass by the parked police vehicle (marked or unmarked most of the time).
    2. They photograph the rear of the car by coming right behind the speeding vehicle (sometimes they flash the lights to accelerate, so the ticket could be higher)
    3. They come from the rear, they measure the speed using the on board radar and they stop you after a while, either using the same patrol vehicle equipped with the radar or by informing LEOs waiting for the offenders.

    The radar and flash unit is positioned low, where the fog lights should be. An experienced driver can see them if they come from the rear, but sometimes with all the traffic around your vehicle it's impossible to look with the appropriate attention.

    In recent tests (next month they'll be published in an AUTOMOTIVE magazine), no detector could detect these cameras in decent distance.

    Bel 966 detected the radar at about 60 m (200 ft).

    Bel 550 detected the radar when the car passed the police car.

    Snooper S5R detected the radar at about 30 m (100 ft).

    I would like as much help as possible from all the European guys on the forum. I know these radars are K band, I know they are low powered, but I want certain things:

    1. Exact power. I believe it's the same as K band gatsos, and since the position is very low, I expect a 50% less detection distance, but the "no detection" at all from 550 is very strange and the 60 m from 966 is even more strange.

    2. If anyone knows if a new technology is used with these radars. If answer is yes I would like as much info as it's available .

    3. Any tests against these radars would be appreciated.

    Thnx for your time and effort.

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    Please post a link to the test results when it's available. And also post a link, if any are available, that explains this apparently new radar system.


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    The test results will be published next month in a magazine here in Greece. I know some of them unofficially from some guys that organized the test. I by myself tested a friend's Snooper S5R and detected a moving police vehicle 30 m in front of his car which is very strange.

    The system I have seen in all police vehicles in Greece is the well known on-board Gatso camera. Most europeans know it very very well. The problem is that now we can't detect it, so I want some info, if they introduced a new system or they use (if existing) new settings. All the cops the guys asked didn't have the slightest idea about the system and they used it without any training or any knowledge on it's features.

    I have 2 theories. Either they reduced the power at extremely low levels, similar to multanova, or the system tested had a fault and the company here in Greece should check all the systems delivered to the police the last 2 months.

    Pictures are on flitsservice site:



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