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    Default Is the 9500i worthy?

    Well . . . .

    I think we've had enough time to digest the results of the GOL and those who wanted Real Life testing with the 9500i have done it.

    But the question remains.

    Is it one of the current TOP 4?

    Are we moving to TOP 5?

    Are we sticking at TOP 4 and dropping one, if so - which one?

    Has it proven itself. . . to be in the top. . . . please answer.

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    Well since I had my 30 days with it I found that it protected me good on KA once as it detected the KA from a side street with the source on the main street. As for K and X I don't know but that is my experience.

    As for the top 4 and 5 I think we still need some time to further test it so we aren't driving naked in a sense.

    If all is fixed then yes I think we will have the top 5 soon.


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    It hung in there with the V1, STi, X50 and RX65... I think we now have a Top 5. :wink:

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    Although it does have a lot of problems, we can't deny it a spot in the Top 5.



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