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    Default Texas Radar/Lidar use... best protection?

    After doing a bit of research i found some (not nessicarily all) the info i could on what Radar/Lidar/Laser is used in Texas and specifically the dallas area. Based on this information (i have tried but am not to savvy as to exactly what the results mean) and the GOL tests, what RD and laser jammer combo would best suite me?

    I have a Mazda RX8, Veil, and a laser shield already in place.

    So far i like the STi (heard the STi b/c of its stealth is worse on specific band forgot which) and the V1, coupled with either a Blinder M20, or an LPP.

    Arlington: Stalker Lz1

    Dallas: Ultralyte PL III

    Richardson: LTI 20/20, ultralyte

    Garland: Ultralyte

    TEXAS in general: LTI Ultralyte, Stalker, LTI Marksman, Pro Laser III

    Bands used in Texas: KA, K, POP, X, Laser

    stalker units on 34.7, and K band guns on 24.138

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    richardson is running Ultralytes, FYI

    and as for laser best protection.......... neither.......... but in terms of this, id say X50, save the cash over a V1 or something like that and buy a Jammer, thats the only real defense against Laser

    you dont need stealth, so dont bother with the STI.......... and then as for RADAR stalker Ka guns are easy to pick out......... EASIEST as far as I remember

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    I got two tickets on Greenville road in Richardson back in 1996. I purchased a V1 and haven't received a ticket since. I am also running an LPP single for laser protection and it saved me in my big jag yesterday on George Bush @ interstate 35.

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    i realize i dont need stealth, but i really like the STi... is there a dramatic difference in quality and/or performance?

    for suburb driving would the STi be NOTICEABLY more quiet than a V1?

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    Default X50

    Tend to agree w/ Arashi on this one. Buy the X50 and get the new Laser Interceptor laser jammer when it hopefully comes out in April I believe.

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    Cool some dudes from Texas. I know all about the laser around here.

    Check out my laser videos. You will get a kick out of them.

    I run 97 in my z71 when traffic permits on George Bush. I don't care if I get shot with laser. I did it the other day from Garland to the 635. I saw dps before I got hit though and slowed down. Jammers work real good on the guns around here. Watch out in Richardson they shoot laser a lot. Plano does speed enforcement every Thursday in the mornings for 2 hours and then around lunch time for another 2 hours or so and then again in the evening for about another 2 hours. They set up speed traps on the east and west side of the city at the same time to. Fun stuff to run into. They like to give people a hard time who have radar detectors.

    Oh my picks are the LPP, AL, and the V1.

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    ^love your videos, great work!

    yay for another fellow Garland resident =)



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