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    Default Please help a newbie where to begin

    Hello there people.

    Im new to all this radar and laser detection so i hope you can help me out.

    I read alot here on the forum and the site. It seems to me that people that have the V1 are happy using em. Will this be a good place to start?

    Will this give me good laser and radar detection?

    Will i need a laser jammer so i get more reaction time aswell?

    finaly there has been some talk about poi on some gps like the garmin 670 but is there any good database of pois with speedcams and so on for europe and especially in denmark? if not it wont be worth it.

    Thanks for a great site and forum been reading and learning alot

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    Well, you are going to get 723 opinions. Just do more reading and Goggle searches. Narrow down some radar and laser jammers in your price range and see what you think will work best for you.

    As far as radar goes... Any high priced Bel, Escort (excluding 9500i), and of course the V1 are excellent choices. They all have subtle feature differences. Some will add features and excel at some things while others will have less features but excel at other things.

    I personally like to buy and try. Then I decide.

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