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    Default Performance difference?

    Is there a major performance difference between high end concealed display models (Bel RX 75 plus, Z, ect) and window units (STi, V1, ect)?

    Protection mainly...

    also would you go with a window unit + Laser interceptor or LPP or the option of an all in one like the Bel RX75 plus? again any mojor performance differences?

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    It all depends where you mount the recieving antenna for those concealed detectors...hey recommend you mount them in the grill which is lower than your dash. But if you mount the radar recieve high in the car you will get better performance. RacerX was using his SR7 with the radar antenna mounted above his rear view mirror and it's performance surprised alot of people

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    Laser Jammer-Laser Interceptor Quad
    GPS Camera Locator-Cheetah C100
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