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    Default Our lastest Radars in France .....


    Wanted to present you ours lastest radars here in France

    mesta 1000
    Radar type Doppler
    Precision 1 km/h to 100 km/hour
    Numeric Coplor photo day or night

    That's our new radar .....

    Well the V1 is detecting it at 200 / 300 meters ....... just enought to
    brake but distance is really short

    Mesta 2000

    same as the other one previous, except that if the radar is shooting you on
    the back (like on this photo), the V1 detects it when you are on it then no
    advanced warning (2/3 sec)

    The photos are available at

    Sorry for not posting them here but I do not know how insering the photos .....

    And I do not speak about the Laser Ultralytes that we have everywhere here and still today I never got an advanced warning ... I used a V1 1.8 Euro Mode

    Well taking your car is the best way to make happy your gouvernement !

    Best regards to all

    Fred France[/img][/url]

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    Also, the Mesta 1000 have a "Wireless" feature so it can be well hidden behind a tree or anything else

    The government says it's for our safety :roll:

    So, now we have to look for Wifi jammers or RD with Wifi detection 8)

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    oh wow. europe is going hi-tech now. Europe has always been 5-10 yrs ahead of US.

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    That's some clever tech 8)

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    Do a lot of cameras get vandalized in France? I would expect people to take their anger out on the permanent units.

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    Wouldn't u like to know


    Quote Originally Posted by polakatl
    Do a lot of cameras get vandalized in France? I would expect people to take their anger out on the permanent units.
    There was a thread on here with all of thes pictures of what poeple had done to speed cameras in europe. Some of them had been burnt and shot ect.

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    Default re

    Well the best is that the new generation of camera radars had now an "intruder" actions, meaning that Police HQ is advised when someone is near the camera of try to touch it .........

    Crazy isn'it it ?

    Last ay I pass throught an Ultralyte Laser, no warning .......

    By the way the V1 remains the best optin here but beleive us, if a day we can have really 1 000 meters advance warning for speed cameras and laser, we would be really ready to pay a lot f money (up to 1000 or 1 500 USD) to have this marvellous tool in our hand

    We have a dream ... to have finally an excellent RD for EU an especially with this crazy laser becoming a nightmare

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    I get that much warning from the uk gatsometers, obviously the radar is low power for low rd detection.

    If the v1 gives you that much warning, what warning do you get with another detector either not much or non at all.

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    Well, our main problem is that Mesta, Multinova, Gatso are really low powered meaning that the signall is low while in others country it is quiet high and give really good distance warning
    Here it is beetween 50 up to 400 meters in really excellents conditions .... and sometime 0 when you have inverted radar taking the measurer on the back ........



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