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    I just joined this forum after browsing this board for the last couple of weeks. Thanks to all of the members and of course Radar Roy for providing such a great resource. I researched and researched and picked up a Passport X50 last week. Its by far the best detector I ever owned. I originally bought a Passport 7500 about two weeks ago and returned it, mostly because of this board and all of the the other sites that I reviewed. So thanks a lot to you guys for making me spend another $70.00. It's well worth the extra and peace of mind that I have the best detector for my needs. I already have been saved from a ticket on I-35, so I suppose its starting to pay for itself. Its been years since I've had a detector, so it will take some use getting accustomed to. I have already found the expert mode very useful and probably wouldn't have known to use it, if it wasnt for this forum. Again thanks to all and sorry for the length of this post.

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    you will be very satisfied with your Passport X50 Welcome Aboard!! we have Dedicated crazy Radar lover here



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