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    i was just wondering about this frequency or GHz thing that my RD has. im wondering if it doesn't pick up some cops because my RD doesn't have the frequency or what. and how do i find out what frequency the cops around here use if possible.

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    I'm going to asume you are talking about the Spec display on some of the Belscorts.

    This mode is very useful for distinguishing between Ka falses (Cobras) and real LEO radar. Basically, if it is 33.800(MPH), 34.700(Stalker), 35.500(Decatur, Kustom and others) (give or take 100 Mhz) then it is a LEO using Ka. Usually Cobras will give you something like 33.6XX or 35.3XX, or anything that isn't close to the above frequencies.

    The Spec mode isn't as useful when it comes to K band.

    Hope this helps a little



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