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    Default Interesting results V1 vs. Escort Passport

    Well today I was in my car just messing around with RD's and I wanted to make my V1 false, and since the X50 wasnt doing it... I figured I needed something with a bit more leakage, so I figured heck what would be better then a 25year old detector?

    Sure I figured its got the mag. case, but it still must spew some leakage with its ancient Cincinnati Microwave design and all...

    So I fire her up... and much to my shock, the V1 was the leaky SOB... the Escort picked up the V1's front antenna with a signal strength of 1-4 (depending on how far away it was), and it picked up the rear from 1-FULL ALERT! It did this as the V1 remained silent the whole time...

    Go figure... I guess things really aren't built like they used to be huh? The V1 spewing junk signal everywhere, and the Escort Passport picking it up. :shock:

    *Note: I was doing this because I was doing some testing with the V1...and I forgot you cant get the V1's rev. number or into programming or anything of that matter when powering it with the Belscort smart cord.* ops:

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    Interesting find. What was it leaking on?

    I know my X50 sometimes leaks K band.

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    i'd sacrifice some leakage for better sensitivity and range

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    Quote Originally Posted by onefastzx9r
    i'd sacrifice some leakage for better sensitivity and range
    yea serously. my mom used to have a V1. Too bad she sold it (because "it stresses me out too much, I would rather just not speed") just before I started driving!!

    I gotta say, even though it is no V1, my Bel v940 is by far an excellent RD for the price though.

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    Nice bimmer, is that an m3? I'm currently looking at getting an m3 or 328

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    Some of that could be due to the lack of "filtering" of the old Escort. The Escort is acting like a Spectre LOL! I had one of those too (great RD) and it falsed a lot more than my V1. Other superhet RDs would cause X band falses on the Escort big time.

    I would bet the Escort is much more leaky than V1, it's just that the V1 does a better job filtering the LO emissions out.




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