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    Here is the scenario, I was driving down a road with a curve, no one in front of me and my V1 alerts to KA. I do not see the LEO right away as he was coming from the opposite direction and was around a curve. I am sure he didn't see me either.

    My question, does my speed show up on the LEO's radar even though he cannot see me? Can my RD give me advance warning before my speed registers on the leo's radar?

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    Radar's can only get speed Line of Sight. It can't go through things like tree's and stuff. It could probably get through some light brush and filter it out and nail your car - but jim would have to answer you on that one.

    To answer your question, with a question:

    If we couldn't pickup a radar before it got our speed, why would we be willing to spend >$300, if something $60.00 has the same results? :twisted:

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    No he couldn't get your speed unless he was directly ahead. Radar can pass through most things but will pretty much only reflect back off metal. Since you were around a curve your detector gave you advanced warning before the radar hit your car and bounced back to his radar gun. Point Blank, your Speed was not acquired by his gun.

    If your V1 alerted you before you saw him especially around a curve, it did it's job very well!



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