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    Default Pro-73 GOL 07' shootout question.

    This is for the GOL. In the Ka test results for the 73, in your own opinion do you feel there was enough early detection to slow a vehicle say 10mph-15mph over the PSL in time???

    I certainly would of liked to see a better performance, but then again looking at the field it was a very tough group of RD.

    Would you say the 73 was satisfactory in the testing????

    Thanks for input!!!

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    IIt all depends on the type of radar used constant or instant on...I'll tell you that the test site used recently I would of had to mash the brakes really hard to no get caught doing 10-15 over psl. and that was using a V1 in the test vehicle

    I recommend that all new detectors users dirve no more than 10 over the speed limit until they get a feel for the detection of their detector and gain more trust...Do not trust a detector right off the bat or you will get nailed

    Spoiler: show

    Radar Detectors-V1 & BEL v995
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    From my personal interpretation of the results, yes, the Pro-73 did perform satisfactorily and affords respectable protection for the driver.

    However, going 10-15 over PSL is pretty tough for any detector to protect you effectively against. Constant-on is pretty plausible, but anything more intermittent than that is going to cause you some serious trouble.

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    Thanks guys for the post and everything you did for all of us at the GOL 07' shootout.


    Come on everyone let's "Thank em'" !!!!! 8)



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