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    Default Non radar/lasar tactics?

    While driving on hway around 2am ish on a weekend (soon after last calls), i noticed a cop speeding around 80ish without lights on and without any read on my RD. then i noticed him pulling someone over that was in front of me (i was going at limit, luckily). so i was wondering:

    do some leos use their own car's speed to catch speeders (ie. slow their car when they meet up w/ a suspected speeder, and if the other car's going faster and over the limit, then pull him over)--altho i'm not sure if it's even admissible in court.

    i saw the leo finish up in less than a couple of mins (the time it took me to catch up with them), so i'm wondering if it's more for sobriety reasons the leos speed on the freeways like that.

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    Yes, it's called pacing. In some areas, they do this quite frequently, and it usually holds up in court as long as their speedometer is properly calibrated.

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    Yep. I was pulled over in by a Wisconsin State trooper a couple years ago by this method.

    Driving back from Milwaukee going towards the Northwestern Chicago 'burbs on I-94.

    PSL is 65. I was probably doing around 70. I then pull in the leftmost lane to pass some traffic and then settle in the middle lane again. I probably went up over 75mph during that passing sequence.

    Sure enough an unmarked WST pulls up behind me and turns on his lights.

    Following conversation ensues as he walks up;

    Trooper: License & insurance card please.
    [Looks at my DL. When getting a citation in Illinois, they staple your DL to the citation. LEO looked for the staple marks. Mine had none]
    Trooper: Any reason why you can't do 65?
    Me: No sir, I'm sorry. We've been in Milwaukee all day, the kids are tired (they were sleeping in the back), and we're just trying to get home. I have no excuses. I was just passing some slower traffic. I'm sorry.
    [Trooper looks in the back and sees sleeping kids]
    Trooper: Is this your vehicle?
    Me: Yes Sir.
    Trooper: If I let you go, is there any reason why I can't trust you'll do the PSL the rest of the way home?
    Me: No sir.
    Trooper: Because if I give youa citation, it'll be $xxx (I can't remember the amount)
    Me: I understand
    Trooper: Go home and be careful
    Me: THANK YOU!

    I was lucky as Wisconcin State Troopers to nail Illinois drivers.



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