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    Default Vector 975R vs Escort 8500

    I currently own a escort 8500 and have not gotten a ticket since I've gotten it, but it bothers me very much, driving around with a radar detector on my dash, my car calls enough attention as it is. I would like for my purchase of the Vector to be an upgrade, and not have to pay 1000+ for the competition of remote installed radar detectors.

    So lets discuss the radar detecting abilities of the escort vs the vector.

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    The 975R is not an upgrade, it is a downgrade. It loses to the 8500 by about 1-1.5 miles on every band because it is a remote unit.

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    BEL-975 loses in USA,but in EUROPE it is one of the best RDs for exstralow-powered photoradars (Multanova).So RUSS,if you are from USofA then 975 is not really "upgrade" from what you have.X50 is a fine performer.Stick with it!But if you have 400$ to spend,I would be looking into Laser Jammers.You allready have a winner(X-50)! :idea:



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