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    Default my false laser alert

    My friend I were driving in my car with my x50 mounted high about the RVM and whenever we drive under this bridge we honk the horn to listen to the echo.

    So today I hit the horn and a second or two after it I get a laser hit. Laser is pretty uncommon where I drive but I slowed down. I couldn't find the cop and I put two and two together to realize it must be horn. And sure enough it was. So when we picked up my other friend, who knows about my RD fanaticism, I played a little joke where I triggered the laser hit ( and I have it on loud tones so it is quite loud).

    But my question was, why does this cause a laser false? I assume its electrical. Also I'm driving an old car for a few months, any harmful effects to the RD by using such an old car with an old electrical system?

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    Yea, it is probably a "noisy" electrical system. Apparently a ferite coil solves this. Search up some other threads with much more in depth solutions.

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    Yeah, I agree.... it's the electrical system, has to be.
    Someone suggested that I try this device.

    Its all electrical. I would suggest that you get something like this

    From an electronics store. Wrap the cable around it a few times so the wire fits pretty snug inside. It should filter out the RF noise.

    Here is the link to RadioShacks model -

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    On my Mazda 3 06, everytime I adjusted the side mirrors my x50 would scream laser.



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