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    Default V1 or 9500i for speeding camera

    im looking for a detector for mainly speeding camera ELVATO mentioned if the camera is stationary v1 might work. but if i need the detector for both stationary and mobile camera. which one would work better. im going to use it in kuwait because there is tons of cameras and cost $500 if u speed +10mph over speed. any help plz

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    Hmm... I think I said the V1 would be your best option. What I had said was that if the cameras were all stationary, then a 9500i might work.

    But since they are both mobile and stationary, then a V1 would be the better of the two. Maybe even a radar detector made specifically for Europe, though I don't know their names.

    Sorry I confused you

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    I would actually look for a database list for the country and than see if you can find a GPS to use to load the maps into. This way if they aren't using radar technology - you still have advanced warning.

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    proplem there is no database list in kuwait, and most of the stationary camera spot is known thats why gps wouldnt work fine with me, is the speeding camera use a radar technology so that v1 would detect, or speeding cameras use something els that radar detectors wont detect.
    thanks alot for the posts

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    It depends on what these cameras are running on.

    For cameras that aren't Multanovas and have fairly high power output I'd get a 9500i. You can also mark the locations of the fixed cameras as you pass them, and it should be sufficient to detect the cameras too.

    If they are Multanovas about the only real effective solution is a Bel 975R remote or the V1 running in Euro mode.



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