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    Default Zone Muting by NavAlert (false alarms) /laser jammer bypass

    We are in final testing of a new feature that interfaces the NavAlert to any radar detector with remote mute input .

    (this includes V1 )

    This is how it works right now:

    1) When you enter an area which falses your detector you double click the user position save feature (click once will only ad user position as normal)

    2)Navalert displays 20 pressing menu again increases the value by 5, then after setting your speed threshold (25 - 100) , wait 3 seconds and Navalert resumes normal operation.

    Now if you enter that user position area under the speed of 25 the unit will output to the radar detector a mute pulse signal. (radius of 200 yards/meters)
    b) over the speed of 25 in the same direction as originally the user position was saved mute signal is sent.

    Anytime the unit is sending a radar detector mute , a small led on the navalert will also flash.

    If you are to exceed the speed threshold value you set (20 - 100) your navalert will release mute pulsing and alert "reduce speed" and flash speed threshold on the screen.

    This system is not fullproof and traveling on road within 200 meters/yards that has a lower speed limit could result in muting of your detector incorrectly. However we believe this would be a rare case .

    To use this feature of the NavAlert would require the purchase of a interface cable (29.95 usd) and a software update which would be provided via our website in a future database update.

    **The cable can also be used to turn off laser jammers under set speed limit.

    This feature can also be used without the cable at no cost for areas you would like to remind you to reduce speeds, you will not be alerted to them unless you are over speed limit threshold and then simply alerted to reduce speed.

    Please let us know any thoughts or ideas on this NavAlert bonus feature.



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    Default thx

    Thx Navalert.



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