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    I am trying to determine if this signal is a K POP, I have noticed that I will get a 24.182 which is over 25mhz 24.150. My question; is that a K POP at say 67ms? then a tracking history is then used?

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    POP doesn't shift the transmitted frequency, so there's no way to identify a POP burst apart from your detector indicating that it possibly had a POP hit. Very brief K and Ka band falses can cause detectors to give a false POP alert.

    Even if you see a LEO and ID the radar as being a POP capable unit, its still not certain that POP was being used. Unless you ask the cop, there's no way to be certain.

    An officer is SUPPOSED to take the radar off hold after getting a speed with POP to develop a tracking history. Its probably pretty safe to say that this does not happen every time a cop uses POP to write a ticket and as a result, I would imagine more than a few folks have been issued tickets after a cop incorrectly identified them as the speeding vehicle.

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    The only way to confirm a POP hit is actually seeing the cop switch the radar to POP mode or know the department has POP capable radars



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