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Thread: V940 vs. 955

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    Default V940 vs. 955

    I bought a 940 over the weekend and not sure I made the right choice. I passed a cop on the other side of the road today radaring the opposite traffic, and only got 1 bar on the Ka reading. Is this normal or my detector? Should I go with the 955, is it better and if so how?

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    Default thats why they use Ka

    its hard to detect...I bet your 940 is exactly the same thing internally as the 955

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    He's right. The V940 and V955 have the same receiver, so performance between the two should be about the same, the only differences between them are features.

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    I've had a 955 going on 2 weeks now and can tell you I'm very disapointed in the Ka performance. K band is fine, but Ka is very lacking on my unit.



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