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    Default what if i only need radar detection?

    So after reading through some threads about stealth installs i had a few questions. Some of these mentioned threads seem to propose that radars can be detected even if the detector is not mounted on the window (in plain view) but hidden in enclosures or other locations that are not near the window. Would mounting one in an out of sight location such as the glove box or another passenger compartment still allow the detectors to detect radar?

    thanks for the help

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    It will not work in a glove box. By out of sight, I think they mean that you don't have to see the actual radar. Radar can go through plastic and paper. Basically anything except metal. So you could but it in a tissue box on your dash, and it will still detect radar. Laser will be out the window, but you said you don't need it. The radar still has to have a clear "view" of the road.

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    so it would work if i built say... a fiberglass pod on top of the dash?

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    Fiberglass pod would work.

    Better yet, mount it in your headliner. I've seen this on a Saturn Sky and a BMW 5 series. Both installs were VERY cool.

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    The thing to watch out for in headliner installs is that there's no metal blocking the view of the road. In particular, the top edge of the roof or windshield could get in the way.
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