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    Default questions about frequency (signal) types and problems

    hi everybody,

    first of all thanks for creating such a nice forum like that.

    i just bought a whistler 1788 from radiashock but when i read about the reviews, i think i will return it back tomorrow

    i found very useful information about the radars but still couldnt find answers of these questions. i will be glad if you answer them.

    1- can you explain me these signals stands for what? ''x, k, ka, laser, pop, vg2''

    2- i am living in new jersey, which signals i am supposed to turn on?

    3- is there any way that any cop can write me a ticket or warn or arrest me for using a radar detector?

    4- which signals need quick respond?

    thanks in advance.

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    i think i have missed that topic.

    i read all of it.

    but still dont know which signals i need to turn on?

    plsss help..

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    Here's a list of the bands used in the different states:

    Basically, turn on everything except for: VG-2, KU, or SWS (depending on if the detector you get has those options).

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    ok i already turned them off.

    and my last question is,

    on the screen, when it catches a signal, it says for example x>>>2 , and this number goes up till 9.

    sometimes it stops at 1 or goes around 5-6.

    what does that numbers stands for? the strenght of the signal or something else?


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    so the bigger number shows that, i am getting close to the cap.


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    by the way,

    i am living in west new york, NJ.

    my house is by the road. i put the detector next to my window. getting to many x signals. a few mins ago, i got a ka signal and heard the police car sirens while chaising a car

    i started lovin this machine.

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    You will get many false X band signals. Some K and Ka falses too, but probably X the most. False signals come from automatic door openers such as a walmart, gas station, etc.

    If you know for sure that X isn't being used in your area, you can run City2 mode while in the city to drastically cut down on falses. I would run with it on for a few weeks to see what bands most police in your area use to determine if you need x or not. If not, City2 should turn X off.



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