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    Default Best Remote Radar Detector/Laser Jammer?

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    I just got a 99 Cobra Mustang convertible 2 months ago, and well i've realized i need a radar detector, and want to get something before it's too late.

    I do a lot of traveling to virginia and detectors are illegal down there. I was thinking one of those remote mount units would be ideal for me, like the escort srx. What i want to know is which is the best remote mount unit for both detector and laser jammer?

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    i know bel makes one, but i forget what its called. Now that ESCORT and BEL are a brother sister company, you can pretty much trust either one. I would def. go with the SRX though, its a PRETTY solid unit.

    - jordan

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    If you want one product from one company then the best would be the RX75 Plus from Beltronics. It is probably the same as the Escort system just a little bit cheaper. If you want a more effective laser jamming system consider getting a Blinder installed or possibly a Lidatek unit (pending SML test results) instead of the Laserpro or Shifter ZR3. If the budget is really tight then the Whistler unit is an option. The Veil Stealth coating and Laser Shield are proven to be effective passive laser countermeasures that are always working and won't be outdated as quickly as a jammer might.

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    i am budgett concious, but i'd rather put off some mods on my car and get the best protection i can get. I already have high insurance and in the long run i feel as if it's an investment that will pay itself. What's this lidatek unit? I thought blinder was the best laser jammer?

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    I got an 01 mustang, Lidatek is a TOP NOTCH laser jammer, which is beginning to be considered 'the best' by some. It provides a JTG ( Jam to gun ) on ALL laser guns ( i'm pretty sure ALL guns.. but someone correct me if im wrong ) another thing thats good about it is its a SMALL unit.. so you could use this in conjunction with an SRX witch would be a NICE set up.I had Escorts Shifter ZR3, but just sold it. I had the mach 1 grille delete, and mounted the two 'shifters' to right right and left of the 'pony' was a nice install. I'd look into those two products if your looking for a REMOTE unit.. if you dont live in virgina, id DEF. go with the Valentine 1. Hands down best detector out there.... valentine 1, with lidatek is an untouchable setup!
    - jordan

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    currently the version sold doesn't jam LA stealth mode but it can be modified to do hat and will soon be sold being able to jam LA stealth mode

    Spoiler: show

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbird
    ... a Lidatek unit (pending SML test results) instead of the Laserpro or Shifter ZR3.
    If you think SML test results hold water, especially in the laser jammer testing then by all means hold off and wait for the sml results. A few other members on this board have some other views. This other member brought up some good points that I'll quote below. I want to add that I don't believe Roy is biased and I think Sethy is more then capable for mounting laser jammers. This is just what someone else said and I think it's good to add some other views.

    Quote Originally Posted by kc7bbb
    Quote Originally Posted by RadarRoy
    Well normally the company rep would ride with other company reps with an officer or SML observer.

    The laser jammer tests were done on Sunday, after all the radar detector tests were done. All the reps from Bel, Escort, Etc were gone as the "Radar Detector Shoot Out" was done.

    So we were left with Sethy, Me, Leon, Corbin, JT, Fors, and 1 officer for the test and the staff of Motortrend.

    As Mimic (Lance did not show), Laser Tech, RMR, Lidatek did not have reps, they of course were not in the car(s)

    Sethy did all the installs of all the jammers with the exception of the Blinder. He also done the install on the Viper.
    I've been surfing this forum for a while and know all those names except for JT. Is JT JTW?

    For the SML laser jammer testing you had the following people left:

    Sethy-- Blinder customer. Trip paid for by Roy or blinder.
    Roy -- Blinder salesman.
    Leon -- Blinder USA CEO
    Corbin -- Blinder Inventor
    JT -- Who is this guy? Is he a blinder rep too?
    Fors -- Paid a fee by Blinder for the tests
    Officer -- Operates the laser gun

    Call me blind(punn intended), but how can you have a fair laser jammer test when everybody is linked to Blinder in a major way? The police officer was shooting the gun. This means a blinder guy would be driving the test cars of the competitors laser jammers. How do we know a blinder rep isn't turning the competitors laser jammers off 10% of the time?

    Roy also says Seth installed most of the laser jammers except for blinders. Seth is like 18 years old I think. Why does an 18 year old install jammers that are to be professoinally installed and when it comes to blinder he's not allowed to touch it? What is going on here?

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    i don't live in virginia, i actually live up in connecticut. but i've gotten 2 speeding tickets in virginia, 1 in marlyand, and 2 in new york. I think detectors are also illegal in maryland. When i do those road trips Ii tend to speed more and it shows. So i'd just feel safer with something that's hardwired and concealed like that, esp now that i have a more 'attractive' and car.

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    I've had an RX75 Plus for awhile now and I couldn't be much happier. Have yet to be hit with laser thought. Not a laser rich area here.

    Pics of my install:

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    Default JTW

    Guys we could have JC at the test and someone would *****!

    Who the hell cares who is driving the car? The tests and installs were videoed and photoed, examined by Carl and his staff and monitored by Carl and his staff. Also Motortrend was there and their monitoring was much tighter then anything that Carl has ever done. Carl made the blind purchases prior to the test. But because Motortrend was not present, they went out the night before the tests and puchased all new units AGAIN from Best Buy, some truck stops and the Internet!

    If we were scared about Lidatek's performance why the hell would I had purchased one at $598.00? Why would had Leon allowed it to be tested as he paid his $1500.00 entry fee and there was no Lidatek fee paid?

    Leon, Carl and I went OUT OF OUR WAY to make this the most comprehensive laser test ever done. I spent well over $3000.00 on laser jammers, Carl waived the fees for the jammers, and Leon allowed his unit to go up against them ALL!

    So say what you want to dismiss the tests, nothing we would post anyway would be any good for any of you nay sayers. Go ahead and and promote your mimics, laser techs and maxijammers.

    Am I pissed, HELL YES!
    Motorcycle Mounts and Accessories
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