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    Default Has anyone done a Radar test at speed & on travelled roa

    Hey have there been any radar testing done on a travelled road at speeds? Kind of like what the veil guy did? Test were someone was at a U turn and someone drove up the road at speed to see how the detector worked. Real world test. One detector at a time,& same radar source. Just to see how they react?

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    Wouldn't u like to know


    This has been said before the only thing is that it is impossible to reproduce test at high speed. Every time you setup a new detector something changes. The way GOL test is the most accurate.

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    Also it is extremely hard to get the correct distance from the gun that the detector alerts.
    WHen driving on the road past the radar test site at 40-55mph we recieved the radar alert in the normal place the detectors in the radar test vehicle began alerting

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