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    Hi Guys

    In the case of a LEO traveling towards a line of cars if he pulls an instant on with K band and you are say 200 metres behind the first three cars which reading will he get if you are speeding up to the line.
    Yours or the first car in the line.?


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    Lots of variables here. .

    Gun> Some are made to get the "strongest signal" (which would most likely be the front car unless the 2nd or 3rd is a Semi) and "fastest speed". .

    so if the first 3 cars are doing 60 and you come up in a group doing 70. . it is very well that it could display both 60 and 70 to the cop. It is up to him to decipher which car(s) are doing what.

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    Yea, it could also depend your car as well. If they are two cars and you are driving a semi (extreme example) and the radar gun is a "strongest signal" model, you will probably return the strongest signal since you are returning the most signal.



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