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    Default Laser aiming

    In Texas where front plates are required, where does a LEO typically aim the laser first? Are they supposed to start with the license plate and then go for the headlights, or is it preference? I'm thinking about getting the laser shield but I'm not sure. At the moment I don't really plan on getting veil. I have an m-20 xtreme by the way too... so maybe that's enough for a silver 350Z. What do you guys think?

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    It's more of a preference thing. They are usually instructed to aim for center mass, and most do, even if there is no front plate. You can still get a reading, even if there is no front plate. Plus, it is alot easier. Just point and shoot. Since Texas has front plates required, then yes they are most likely to aim for front plate.

    With a laser shield and an M-20, you might have a decent chance, but I wouldn't put my trust in it. With a laser shield by itself, I doubt it will do much.

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    HPD targets the plate first then the headlights and grill (if you have one)

    When Edweird and I tested his Ultralight against my C6 the front plate made a huge difference in my jammers effectiveness. Specifically my ZR3 did not jam at all when the state ussued plate was installed on the nose. When I took it off the performance was much better.

    Your vehicle profile is similar to mine. I replaced my state issued plate with a CR8APL8 which is basically a cheap piece of plastic molded to look like a real Texas license plate. It's non reflective (helps with Lidar) and it's not metal (helps with radar). CR8APL8 will mold whatever alpa-numeric you request so it looks pretty real.
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