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    Default Illinois State Police - tickets by mail (non-photo van)?

    Hey all. Get this. I'm merging off of I-57 onto I-80 and before I ever get onto 80, just at the end of the off-ramp, this jag-off in like a gray Ford Focus (I think) shoots by on 80 doing easily 85-90 in the far left lane and gets far ahead of me initially. He is weaving in and out of the left and middle lane just nearly passing people and as I near the first off-ramp he gets over in the far right lane and gets off and starts driving the off-ramp really slow which allows me to catch up to him completely. The whole time I'm thinking "what a jag." As we're merging on to the lane, I quickly pulled over into the far left to make sure I can pass his slow ass before he can jump into the left lane and he proceeds to stick his arm out of the car pointing at me so I flipped him off. I pull up the light and he pulls up to the light in the far right turn lane. I look over at him and he's a cop, in an unmarked Focus with no inside lights and regular license plate, not government issue so its obviously his personal car. Now I don't think he's a state cop because I would recognize that uniform, looked more like a rent-a-cop complete with baseball cap. So as I am looking at him, he's mouthing something to me and has his hands out the window holding a pad of paper or something and motioning like he is writing a ticket and pointing at me. So I mouthed back to him "go f- yourself" and drove on. He turned right.

    Yeah I was speeding and was probably going faster than the 30 mph ramp speed but my radar detector never went off, but he could have been pacing me. Question is, you think I could get a ticket by mail if he reports me somewhere? I mean I didn't get pulled over and I'm almost certain the guy wasn't a state cop and it was state police jurisdiction I think.

    Thoughts? I'll be pretty pissed if I get some kind of ticket in the mail considering this guy was driving like a bigger jag than I was.

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    Can't pace you without a calibrated speedo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmaartAasSaabr
    Can't pace you without a calibrated speedo!
    also, if he brings anything up, it should be hearsay unless he can provide documented proof.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cell21633
    Quote Originally Posted by SmaartAasSaabr
    Can't pace you without a calibrated speedo!
    also, if he brings anything up, it should be hearsay unless he can provide documented proof.
    Exactly what I was thinking. That's why I had the balls to tell him to get f-'ed. lol

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    In Indiana they actually can ticket you by mail like that. It is not real common but has happened. And yes it is legal. Cops cannot make traffic stops here if they are not in uniform or driving a marked car. So if they are neither they cannot stop you. But they can write a ticket and mail it to you.

    Normally what they do is call for a marked car to come and stop you. That happens a lot.

    Do your cops have take-home cars where you live?

    I would say in this case that he was probably just a rent-a-cop. If he was a real cop he would have called in some marked cars and they would have you pulled over in short order, just to show his authority. He would not let you get away with flipping him off LOL!




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