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    Default Canada - Manitoba

    Hello there,

    I know there are several canadians on the boards.

    I have a question as it relates to crossing into Manitoba from the USA.

    I'm concerned about bringing a Valentine One in country. I know the are illegal in Manitoba, but I'm looking for experiences from anyone that has travelled there before. I'm not planning on using the device, but I don't want to have it confiscated. Also, what about laser jammers? I know some of the guys from BC cross back and forth into the USA/Washington State. Do you think this would be possible into Manitoba? Again shutting the device down in canada.



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    The ownership of the detector is not illegal.

    Manitoba's Highway traffic Act is similar to Ontario's, in that it only makes it illegal to have a detector in a car. :roll: So, you can walk around with a detector (hook it up to a 12v source :wink: ), put in on your bicycle, your boat, an airplane, your toboggan (you get the point.)

    Anyway, Customs officials at the border do not enforce provincial highway traffic act laws. The detector itself is duty free (under Nafta) you pay only PST and GST. I've imported alot of detectors in the last 20 years, all without problem.

    However areas of MB have confirmed use of the Spectre--we know that Selkirk RCMP use it, so if they've got one, odds are there are other spectres out there. So, you're better off with a Bel Sti, if you ever do plan to use a detector at home. Otherwise, if you're only gonna use your V1 in the states or in SK, AB and BC, you've got the finest detector out there.

    Jammers are also illegal. Most highway traffic acts were updated to include the detection/interference of laser, making it an offense.




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