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    Default Any Ontarians think this is funny?

    Here's a link to the Industry Canada website displaying all the sales and revenue of Beltronics Canada located in MISSISSAUGA, Ontario.

    Now here's the funny bit. It states that Beltronics makes Radar Detectors for export only (as well all know).

    So here's the government logic. Radar detectors are illegal. They impede Law Enforcement Officials and as a result make our roads more dangerous which puts Canadian lives at risk. However; we'll allow these devices to be manufactured here as long as they are sold to Americans whose lives are less valuable and can afford to be lost.

    Sound strange?

    How about this. Crack cocaine is illegal in Ontario, however; we'll open a manufacturing plant to produce Crack as long as its exported. We know crack is dangerous and can destroy the lives of Canadians so we'll only allow it to be exported.

    Same arguement! I just changed RD to crack both of which are illegal and considered dangerous in Ontario.

    Basically the government needs to make up their damn mind. Either RD's are illegal and dangerous and therefore you should not make them and profit from them OR they should make them legal!

    Happy Canada DAY!

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    Actually, it makes me sick to my stomach.

    In a world where the so much of our electronics are now manufactured in Asia, here's a home-grown Canadian company that is producing high-tech products that are world class.

    Naturally, the Ontario government makes the product illegal. Then, one day when production closes up and moves stateside, the idiots that are running our government will stand there with their mouths open, with some pathetic excuses (like blaming the Cdn dollar exchange.)


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    Canada is sky zoo free nic ... dual language ... dual mind ...dual morality.

    The only reasons to ban rd is to make life easier for the Leos ,

    a blind man is easily controlled... 8)

    a stealthed man is a free man. :wink:



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