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    Default phantom radar laser

    Hi every body Is it true that this radar detector (somme body show me a phantom 11 radar detector and said to me that it could like (the Phazer or the Phantom. Combining a passive radar scrambler with an passive laser scrambler, the Phazer and tne Phantom makes your automobile electronically "invisible" to police speed-detecting equipment.

    The radar component works by mixing an X, K or Ka radar signal with an FM "chirp" and bouncing it back at the squad car by way of a waveguide antenna, effectively confusing the computer inside the radar gun. The laser component transmits an infrared beam that has the same effect on laser Lidar units

    I am from Quebec using a Bell vector LR Vector 970 working very good but I want purchase the New Bell STI, when it will be in good condition of detecting for what it has been specified by the compagny.

    I am waiting for this item after Roy latest news see on this board

    Tanks Voltigeur :?: :idea:

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    No, it's totally false, bogus, snake oil. It does absolutely nothing. At all. See -- Roy is offering 50,000 DOLLARS if anyone can show that they work.

    If you read their FAQ and marketing materials, almost none of it makes sense scientifically, and many of the FAQ's are just excuses for when people realize the devices don't work.



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