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    Default Looking to upgrade a 4 yr old cobra detector

    I am looking to upgrade my current cobra detector, do you guys have any suggestions. I don't mind spending the money if works great. Please let me know what you guys think.

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    In the Great Deals Great Performance department, we have the new Whistler XTR-690 and Pro-78, which are really impressing a lot of us around here. You can find em at $125 or so.

    Of course, you have the Escort, Bel, and Valentine offerings at higher price tags that offer better performance.

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    That XTR-690 is really looking attractive. Someone should box one up and mail it to Cobra.

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    Any upgrade from a Cobra is a significant and substantial one. Get rid of that leaky POS.

    If you're not looking to spend too much without having to sacrifice real world performance, the Whistler XTR-690 and Pro-78 as jdong stated, are the best kept secrets in the radar world. You can read up more about them in the Whistler forum and check out the GOL test they did in March. The Whistler managed to hang in there even with the top dogs.

    However, if you feel the need to spend $299 and above, the Escort X50, Bel RX-65, Valentine One, and Bel STi are all highly recommended units.

    Have fun deciding. I was recently torn between the X50 and V1. I chose the X50.



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