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    Default Oldest Radar Detector test

    I just ran across an old radar detector test from CB magazine. The name of the article is “Dash Mounted Radar Detectors – lab and field test comparisons” from the volume 16 #12 January 1980 issue. Has anyone ever heard of an older test than this?

    The radar detectors tested in this old article were:

    Gul Micro Scan G-73
    Super Snooper XK
    Whistler XK
    Fuzzbuster II
    Super Snooper Long Range
    Radar Sentry XK
    Smokey Patrol
    Fox XK – the one with the two Lucite antennas
    Hawk Eye

    I would also be interested if anyone knows anything about the Brinkmann Hawk Eye radar detector.


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    Default that

    That sounds really interesting TPS radar instructor. 8)

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    There is a detector test from `973Hot Rod magazine but it isn't very detailed. Someone typed it up or OCR'ed it.

    Fire up your scanner! If you do it then I'll finally get off my butt and scan my Sept. '95 "budget" test from Car and Driver :P

    Oh yes and there was the 1986 Road&Track test I scanned last year... title of the thread was "20 Years Ago".

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    There was the one from Car & Driver in Feb. '79 where they exposed the Fuzzbuster with Escort internals

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    I don’t think the images would scan very well because some of the words are hard to read. Somebody made a copy of the documents for me as a favor and I will probably have to go to the library to see if I can make out the words that aren’t very clear. I might have sweet talked my wife into typing up the article – I found it very interesting. I would be really interested in the Hot Rod 1973 article and the Car & Driver 1979 article.

    Here are the first three paragraphs from the Jan CB 1980 article:

    There are more than 20 manufacturers of radar detectors. Each manufacturer claims his unit is “best”. That’s a hard statement to make, when you have no idea as to where the user is going to mount the unit, how he is going to plug it in, or where he plans to operate the unit.

    All measuring equipment used has a standard calibration cycle as adhered to by Hughes-Fullerton calibration facility. Each instrument received a complete calibration, traceable to the standards maintained by the National Bureau of Standards. Operation of the test equipment was performed as specified in the manufacturer’s instruction manuals.

    In our past CB Magazine lab test, the individual radar detectors we tested were all rated quite well. This prompted us to conduct a test of comparing a wide selection of radar detectors for a more objective review for our readers.



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