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    Default leo clocking speeders in front of some ones drive way

    today i was a leo using intant on k band, clocking people as they were comming down the road, but one thing that caught my eye was that he was in front of someones house in their drive way clocking people so wait i taught can he do that does anybody know if there alow to do that or did he just knew that person

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    He's allowed to but if the owner comes out and tells him to f off then he must go

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    He might (should) have gotten permission from the home owner.
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    My mom would love for a LEO to do that on her street. She thinks people drive way too fast down her street. When she found out I got this K55 radar gun she asked if I could rig it up to constantly fire down her street. Didn't seem very healthy for the unit to be left on 12 hours a day so I declined.
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    She should buy a used crown vic cop car to sit in her front yard Worked for me...for a while :twisted: Just about gave me a heart attack the first few times I saw it.



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