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    Default Continuously activated Tuning fork or modulator

    I noticed that the tuning forks used by most X band guns are 35 and 80 mph while K band guns tend to prefer 50 mph.

    Does anyone know of a variable system that is continuous and can be used to test an X band gun from say 20 100 mph?

    I have a transmitter tuned to 10.525 GHz that can be used with horizontal, vertical, right hand or left hand polarized antennas and modulated with a fixed 1000 HZ signal and it generates 31 mph on an X band gun just like the calculations work out to.

    I would be interested in knowing of any systems that anyone knows of that can be variable and are mechanical or electrical to test an X band gun. That way I can show students what happens when a passive or active radar jammer comes into play. BTW - Passive jammers will work at low RCS (Radar Cross Section).

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    Just downloaded it and will try it on Monday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbonzzz
    Try my "radar verifier" software:
    Now that is a cool stuff. Just gave my Stalker ATR a work out with the test software.

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    A radar certifier I saw test my X band gun used his tone generator and a wall speaker to produce a reading on the gun.

    Jim's program does the same thing IMHO.

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