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    Default Local LEO's K band gun was out-of-tune!


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    Default Re: Local LEO's K band gun was out-of-tune!

    Quote Originally Posted by MEM-TEK
    Hi everyone,

    Well, my STi is off to Bel for a new firmware flash and I am back to using my V995 for a while. Today was fun while in and around town. The local LEOs were bored, and a couple of them decided to park and run stationary radar. They were trigger pulling their K guns very frequently since very few drivers around here use radar detectors.

    Anyway, one of the LEO's K radar guns was definitely out of tune. His gun displayed as 24.139 -- twice, each time after an instant-on. What's really funny is that the Walgreen door openers in my town are more accurately tuned and display 24.15 on my V995. Out-of-tune radar guns seem to be a problem with small town police departments. Are they letting recertification of their radar guns slide if they are cash strapped or if the tuning forks display speeds which are only 1 mph or so off? I guess they figure, "Oh well, thats good enough -- time to get out there and write some tickets!"

    On the other hand, GSP radars which I encounter always seem to be very accurately tuned. I guess the GSP has a policy of periodically sending in their radar guns and having them recertified.

    How often do you encounter out-of-tune police radar which is being operated by local or county police departments?

    Your RD's spec display is not dead on accurate so I would not depend on that for 100% accuracy
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbonzzz
    Anywhere between 24.050-24.250 is considered "in tune"...
    Was about to say this... glad i kept reading



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