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    Default Cheapest laser detector with decent performance

    Hi guys

    I'm looking to buy a detector when I visit New York later this week. I live in the UK and currently use the Talex GPS warning system.

    I'm not interested in how the device performs on radar as police here in the UK no longer use radar for hand-held enforcement and my Talex warns me of fixed safety cameras such as gatso (K band) and truvelo (sensors in road).

    All I need is a cheap'ish unit that works well on laser. I understand the limitations of such devices - how you don't have time to slow down etc... I just need to know whether I'm being targetted by mobile camera vans using the LTi20-20.

    I've read about the Cobra models on here and I understand they're not very good but this just seems to be connected with radar performance?? The Cobra 9430 seemed to perform well on laser in the test of laser performance. Is this site reputable??

    Are you able to recommend any outlet in New York (Manhattan).

    Thank you

    Skoda Fabia vRS TDi 130bhp 2003.

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    Thanks for that jimbonzzz. Very interesting.

    The V1 looks good and I suppose I could have it delivered to the hotel. I believe the UK laser frequency is same as US at 904Nm so I shouldn't have a problem there. Rather expensive though.

    I've had a look at the BEL Vector models 940, 955, 965 & 995. Does anyone know whether the laser detection is the same across all four models? Because my only requirement is laser capability I obviously don't want to spend on a 995 when a 940 has the same level of laser detection.


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    Im no expert but if your main focus is laser, then I suggest some Veil and a jammer

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    In my experience, Cobras actually work pretty well when it comes to laser... Of cousre they're crap for radar but you don't care. Just turn off VG-2 to be more polite to other drivers.



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