bel own 85% of the industrys patents on detectors! so they say!

how many does valentine own? it quite funny reading the features on various bel and escort detectors which say

Digital PLL Synthesized Oscillator
A patent-pending, industry first! Digital PLL Synthesized Oscillator delivers the ultimate in frequency accuracy and low noise oscillator performance under all operating conditions.

Fundamental Mixer Technology® (FMT®)
Patented BEL technology delivers four times the K band sensitivity and 15 times the Ka band sensitivity when compared to harmonic mixer technology used by major competitors.

Image Rejection Technology® (IRT®)
The "no compromise" solution for the most sensitive X/K/Super Wideband Ka Radar detection today - without sacrificing sensitivity on any portion of critical Super Wideband Ka. (Patent Pending)

Auto Calibration
All tuning parameters are calibrated against the precision PLL frequency synthesizer to provide complete, accurate, and programmable coverage of ALL radar bands

Advanced Auto Correlation
Noise Discrimination System
Identifies Laser signals beneath the "noise" threshold for extended detection range and early warning.

also theres broadband technology on them!

anyone reading that would think wow i bet thats good!

even though the bels have good detection i wonder how many people have brought them on a try and see basis!!

with bel printing this everywhere its a wonder people look at other detector makes you look on the v1 site and its doesnt say how good it is or whats inside! its rather bland aprt from 2 antennas and 2 band pop!

its just it has 2 antennas and arrows! if valentine did more market blasting
he'd probibly get more custom!

when people are buy detectors they like to know whats inside!
whats it capable of!

when bels shouting we own 85% of the patents its a wonder people look at other makes!

i know about detectors but to some lad whos just got his licence or doesnt know anything about them it seems pretty impressive!

it makes you think how much valentine looses to bel! through advertising!
and heavy ad tactics!!