GOL had a great format right now of gathering a bunch of people together at one location, and testing detectors simultaneously at unique locations. Unfortunately it would take them far too long to test every detector out there so they have to concentrate on the good ones. And it is somewhat expensive to get everyone to travel so it can only be done so often. Of course I still think this should continue, but I had an idea that I think would be a great addition.

Set up some standard tests that you can apply to every product. Sensitivity bench tests, some course near a GOL member's house, whatever. But something that can be easily repeated on many models, and probably done by one person, and can be duplicated at later times. Perhaps take the given detector, and see at what distance it responds to a fixed gun on a course, also what distance it responds approaching perpendicular too (always repeat several times for consistency). Similarly how far it can be picked up by VG2 and spectre. And perhaps if other detectors alert to its presence.

I know you guys already have some radar guns of your own and RDDs as well, so I figure it wouldn't be that hard. The benefit is the public, who will finally get to see JUST how much worse the cheaper detectors are from the top tier. And when a new revision to a top tier comes out, it can quickly be tested to see what differences there are without waiting 6 months for the next major GOL meetup.

I'm kind of thinking like Veilguy does with his real life testing and posting to blog, but with more scientific numbers.

Any thoughts? Have you guys considered this?