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    Default Washington State radar methods

    I just bought an x50 and am wondering if anyone can direct me to a link or site or if they know how I can find out what bands are being used in the Pacific Northwest (WA state). I wanted to find out if I should turn on my POP mode?

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    I live in Tacoma, Wa. From my personal experience, police up here use laser, instant on radar(K band), some use constant on radar(K band) and I hardly ever see KA band which I have experienced just a few times. Just be carefull because I noticed traffic lights and grocery stores sets off K band alot when there possibly can be a cop! WA state cops are quite smart so keep your eyes peeled if your going above the speed limit, however alot of the cops i have encountered in the past have shown quite a bit of leniency letting me slide 5-10 over(meaning not putting on their lights and pulling me over). Oh and since you have an x50, use expert mode.

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    Sounds good. Thanks for the advice...why should I use expert? Is it better at tracking? (Like I said, I'm a total newbie)

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    Hey, no prob. There is also a few other guys from WA on this board. To answer your question about expert mode. It displays multiple threats at a time, so in case your grocery store xband was greater than the police K band or whatever he/she is using you will not miss out on the threat. Or example 2: a traffic light or grocery store K band is greater than a real threat K band, it displays them both. The benefit about expert you may ask? The multiple threat display. The bad part about it, its hard to read but after using it a bit, its second nature. In normal mode it will display the greatest signal even if there is other signals coming around, the benefit about the normal mode you may ask? Its only easier to read. Here is something to toy around with. Go to a grocery store, different grocery stores, try a few ones out. Aim directly at the store with your radar detector, switch off between the normal and the expert mode. If the store has a few different bands, you will see the x50 show which ones they are, unlike the normal mode showing just the greatest signal. Btw, im not sure if its called normal mode, but the expert mode is called expert mode. I think the x50 can display like 2 k band and 4 xband and maybe a few others all at the same time, the manual should say, im just lazy to go find it, so this is all on the top of my head.

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    actually the expert mode displays 2Ka, 2K & 4X. i dont know bout the x50, but with the solo s2 i have, when in "normal display" mode it prioritizes the alerts if it receives multiple alerts. example: if i drive by a store and get a full X alert, a K alert no matter how weak will override the X alert, and if i drive by a store and get a full K alert, a Ka alert no matter how weak will override the K alert. nevertheless, expert mode is definetely better for the reasons stated above. i live on ft lewis and drive a lot around wa. i also dont encounter much Ka, but the K i encounter is constant on. i constantly scan the road ahead and behind for "suspicious" vehicles (popo's) as for laser ive only seen state troopers using it, theyll sit on the median or on the side by a bridge and shoot away. i always try to find another speeder so i can pace him. if theres a cop ahead lasering or radaring ill get the alert and hell get the ticket 8)

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    Thanks for all your help guys!



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