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    Default How's this for a stealth mount?

    In Ontario, the OPP are incredibly skilled at learning to find RD's in people's cars.

    As a owner of the STI, I have found a mounting position, but it's quite a bit back from the windshield (nearer the center of the car).

    Not a good place to mount, that's for sure.

    In my desperation to find a good quick way to heat up my car, I found this:

    What do you guys think? I could take it apart, leave the plastic shell, and mount it in there couldn't I? 8)

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    I would keep it out in the open with the STI hidden. When the LEO gets to the door, you hand the heater over and say "Yep you got me. Here it is..."

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    I like a good few of these "RD decoys," as some even look like they have some kind of "grill" for detection.

    I'd go with the $24.99 one, it seems to be the most "RD" looking.

    If you wanted "added realism," get some small stencils (like maybe like 2-3 cm tall) and paint some funny text using whiteout on it, like "Z-9000 Radar Detector" going along the top. Feel free to add "racing stripes" and other details to it with whiteout and some masking tape. :twisted:

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    I'm not a "fan" of this strategy.... Dont like attracting attention to my car for a number of reasons and this is just begging to be checked out by the Leos

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    If you really want to hide your RD stealth, custom install it in your visor. Make a cut out in it so the RD will fit and insert between the cut out or under the cloth material.

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    I carry my old, worthless, BEL-715i in my car's center console so that if a base cop ever pulls me, I can yank the pro78 down and stuff it under the seat. If the LEO tries to confiscate my Pro-78, I can hand him the piece of junk instead...might just try that approach.



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