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    Default How my RD was on my 1800 mile trip

    Ar to FL then to Texas--Well no tickets!!! My V-1 held up nice. No IO. My rabbit got a ticket though. Was doing 90 in a 70 and was tailing my rabbit for about 150 miles. I tried to give him a warning by flashing but it all happened so fast. I got detection about 1/10 of a mile. The way he was parked was almost like a Laser position but he hit us with KA. :roll: . Hope he did not get a bad read from such a hard angle. But I guess that is what Rabbits are for :twisted: . I got a 3.8 mile K band from a Speed sigh. Small rolling hills no turns. When I got to Florida was there for 3 days and my wifes dad died :cry: . So we left Florida to Texas. I kept it at 95-100 all the way. Shaved so much time off. But not even a single LEO. Only LEO's in the E bound lane driving some where with there guns CO. Will let you know what I encounter from Texas back to AR.


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    From what I've previously read, seems like you guys down in the south get all the fun with 2+ mile detection while us users in the north have to settle for <1mile warnings. That 1/10 mile warning is cutting it pretty close eh? :P.

    Sorry to hear about you wife's dad dying. It doesn't make for a very enjoyable day.

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    Yes in Md im lucky to get a 1.3 mile warning on my trusty x50 rev 5..Well, when it was in tune..Now im using my vector 995 4.5 ....Which is better on Ka...



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