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    Default Road Message Board giving off K alert - Huh?

    So road work's about to start on this long stretch of highway that's one lane. One of those stand alone road message board was placed slightly behind the top of a hill. However, I picked up a K alert about .8-1 mile away and was puzzled, seeing that I haven't ran into a cop for a month.
    I passed by it the next day from work, and sure enough, K alert from the sign. Now, I've seen a lot of these stand alone boards, but I've never encountered one that gives off a K alert.

    What gives?

    apologize for camera phone picture; I forget that its zoom isn't very powerful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmaartAasSaabr
    Yep that's a drone in that sucker. It could possibly be a SWS signal but probably just unmodulated K garbage.
    Would the signal being released be as powerful as a normal K gun? Because I've found that .8 miles is my usual straight-a-way detection. Seems to be directional because I get nothing until I'm close to it with a rx-65

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    Some of those message boards can also function as speed trailers as well. Whomever set it up probably just flipped all the switches to "on" even though it wasn't being used to display speeds.

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    I got one of those too on 84 in CT, sets my RD off 1mi away. Itís a real pain. :x
    Once I confirm that k band is not used on 84 I will block it out on my 9500I.

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    In MN it used to be rather frequent that some K band generator, or maybe SWS was on in construction areas when and where men were working or there was a surface change. Most of the time I they were worth while warnings to "be aware of your surrondings," but in the past 2-3 years its been rare.

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    PA has those signs with K-band drones all over that state.They try to be sneaky cuz they use K-Band guns also..My Rx-65 sniffs em out everytime.The way i learned was to run my RX65 in tech mode while my wife wrote down the freq differences

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    ah, cool. Thanks guys.
    I suspect they might've also done that to slow down speeders coming into the construction zone.



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