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    Default What version 8500 do i have? S7?

    I purchased my 8500 non x50 about 7 years ago when they 1st came out.

    I'm thinking of selling it but if itís a Rev5 S7 platform I will keep it.
    Or is there some other reason I should keep it?
    I saw this post from 2005 but want more detail: (The funds from the sale will go to stealth V1)

    Also what should I sell it for?

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    In order to find out what Rev you have, you must do the following.

    1. Make sure your Detector is off.

    2. Press and hold the Two programming buttons located on top
    Also press and hold the Mute button located on the front.

    3. Turn the Unit on and it will display your Current Rev.

    * ( Note ) * This will erase all your custom settings.

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    i have a rev 13 and it was produced around that time so i would guess 13 or maybe 15?

    but as said above thats how you can check for sure

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    Is it the infamous S7 platform?

    Is there some a reason I should keep it? The new GOL off axis test shows the s7 platform was the best 8500.

    Also what should I sell it for?

    Iím guessing because I sent it in they flashed it with the latest updates?

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    You could probably get between $130-$150 on ebay. I sold mine for $140 a few months ago. The high end if you have the box and manual and everthing and the low end if you only have the detector and power cord. That is my guess.



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