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    Default X50 2 more days and i need to decide, keep it or a V1.

    well i do like it i have to admit. it saved me already few times. and it's not chatty. seems it alerts when it's real except those doors on K.
    but it's really hard to tell what kind of alert i missed ...if any.

    two things i find out that i didnt know before i got the X50.

    1) X50 Rev 5 is better then 6.x . (well i still didnt get a real answer for that, just personal opinions here. and reviews of Rev 5 on GOL. by the way why they don't try the 6.x ?? i mean what is the point to check a detector that you cannot buy new anymore?)

    2) V1 got a Euro Mode that i may need on my trips over there.

    In this forum there a real overwhelming number of people that push towards the V1. it is like a brain wash in a way. So i'm not sure anymore .

    Not to mention , that who knows who is real person here , and who is just one of the dealers hiding behind a legit user or users. i'm sure there some of that over here. it's the nature of the internet ...

    anyhow my dilemma is this . i can return the X50 that i got for $270 (after returning an old Bell 590i). and get a V1 for $400 + $50 for audio(<- that is ridicules IMO).
    or refurbish V1 <- any one here got a long term experience with a refurbish ? how reliable are they ?

    another option is to keep the X50 and in the price difference ($180) i can buy Vail or put it towards a jammer .
    i mean X50 + vail or jammer isnt better then a V1 by itself ?
    they are very close in performance anyhow.

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    Hey, I'll push the other way... Keep the X50! It's awesomeness is like no other detector....ever!

    No, but seriously. If you felt that you liked your X50, then keep it. If laser is that big of a concern, save the money towards a jammer, then you're set

    Sadly, it appears that X50's are a hit and miss type thing when it comes to their reliability. I, for one, seem to have one of the well built X50s. But, reading some of the stories here, it seems that when you get a bad one, you really do get a bad one.

    If you think you got your moneys worth, and are happy on how it's performing, then keep it. Just make sure you buy the extended warranty.

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    Yeah I would just keep the X50. V1 is great but so is X50.

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    so what is that Euro Mode ? how an X50 will perform in Europe ?

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    Keep the X50 and go jammer for the laser. I live down in the Springs, and a V1's chattiness would drive me nuts with all the K-band door openers here in CO.

    Remember, though, that jammers are illegal here in CO, and the fine can be HEFTY.

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    get the V1, it's worth it. the x50 is good though

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    Try both and see which one you would like. You can always buy the X50 if you wanted it. You also have a 30 day trial from VR. It's a matter of preference like the automute. I bought the X50, RX65 and the V1 at the same time 2 years ago for testing purposes. Got stuck with the X50 and V1 until now. You can't go wrong with either one.

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    yes the auto mute is nice, i agree.

    but only now i learned about the Euro mode. wasnt aware of it at all before.
    turns out , X50 won't do that good of a job over seas ....

    heck it's nice to see that not all this forum is just about V1
    regardless what i will end up with ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by danny_isr
    yes the auto mute is nice, i agree.

    but only now i learned about the Euro mode. wasnt aware of it at all before.
    turns out , X50 won't do that good of a job over seas ....
    If that is your concern, you pretty much figured it out.

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    yes sounds like it. unless i will get the V1 and it will drive me crazy...
    i will call VR today and order one.
    Will see how it perform :shock:



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