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    Default What do you guys think??

    Allright, so I have done multiple passes by the local grocery store that puts out a false K single. My test was to see if the 'g;arestrip/tintstrip" i put on my windshield affectts my radar. I mounted the detector behind it, and below it ( in the middle of the windshield ) and i have seen NO difference between the two. i have sat infront of the store ( facing it ) and have put it behind, and not behind - no difference. Today i got a mile+ detection on Ka, behind the strip. it IS 5%, but I dont really think it affects it at all.... what do you guys think???

    - jordan

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    It's dependent on what kind of tint it is. Metallic tint = bad. Non-metallic tint = OK.

    Amount of tint affects laser sensitivity. 5% tint should be ok. Darker could be an issue.
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    some windscreens seriously affect laser performance!

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    I have the factory tint shield across my windshield and have not noticed any dif. A way to tell if your tint will be a problem is to look at a red stop light through the tint. If you're able to tell that its red through the tint then its not a problem I read this somewhere, but cant remember where it was.



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