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    Default Ontario - researching my options

    First post, been lurking a bit.

    I've been looking at detector options for a while now. I have a heavy foot but my paranoia goes up exponentially with my speeding. Paranoia has been able to save me quite a bit and I still think that driving fast is fine if you pay attention and if you pass someone, to be able to expect them to cut in front of you. So far I've been able to pass my own ultimate test of being able to spot the cops before they spot you. As a speed addict, I have the bad habit of hitting my governor in my econobox in light traffic on the 401.

    Got my first ticket just recently. I know I've been due for one the way I speed but the ticket was only 3 demerit points. Not bad considering I didn't see him until it was too late and I was already coasting for the traffic light. It was a good thing that light was not green, and I think it's the only time I've been thankful a light turned red in front of me.

    I've been looking at the STi Driver but it has been over my budget as I am in school, but I will purchase one as soon as I'm on my work term. I've also been looking at VEIL and possible "homemade" options to stealth my car as much as possible with LIDAR being primary concern. My car is already black so I know I'm already half way there. I also have a bit of electronics and microcontroller knowledge so I've been looking at options to dot my car with IR photodetectors. Has anyone done a project with several photodetectors hidden on the car? I would use this in addition to the STi of course but the STi-R is just out of the question due to my budget.

    I've also been entertaining ideas of taking apart an STi and moving parts to different parts of my car mostly for stealth. I'm not sure if the enclosure itself has noise reduction (in addition to the frequency shift that the STi does in order to stay off the RDDs). Any suggestions?

    Also, the Spectre 4 - is there a time line where we can expect more information about it? Just so that I can maximize my STi investment.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Black cars do help, the licence plate and headlights make for excellent reflective targets.

    Don't know anything about placing photodetectors on your car, other than if they detect 904nm, they're gonna alert you to a ticket.

    Best of my knowledge, the magnesium case may help in suppressing leakage. Otherwise, its features in the dual horn design that eliminate oscillator leakage.

    Spectre 4 (being tested now in a few locations) is not a threat to the Sti.




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