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    Default Oh no, I have found out something terrible...

    I was with my cousin yesterday and he was cleaning out his old car since he got a new Civic and he found the old RD that I remember him using a good few years ago before he joined the Army. Sadly, it was a Cobra. I died a little inside.

    I don't remember which one it was but it seems like an old ESD 6060 CS except his has numbers on it like 1 through 6 or so. I'll possibly ask him for it over the week, just for educational purposes (testing out my V1's detection from it 8)).

    Anyways, I showed him my V1 and needless to say, he was quite impressed and really liked the arrows. I told him this is what a real RD is like instead of that old piece of trash he had although he did say he remembers a good few saves with it. He lives in a more "ritzy" part of town (his parents' house at the moment while he settles in from getting out of the Army) and they have a lot of police around there with speed traps. We passed by a good few going to the bar and such and about the same time he said "yeah, there's a speed trap up by here usually," the V1 had already started to pick it up a good several hundred feet away. He and I were both impressed.

    Although when I told him the price for a V1 he was a bit saddened as his cobra was a mere 40-60$ or so when he bought it. Of course I educated him a bit on RDs and such and he's now looking for a new (read: real) radar detector.

    I've recommended him the top performers here as well as some of the more inexpensive Whistler/Bels. Converting the world, one person at a time! :twisted:

    EDIT: His super-awesome girlfriend was our DD for the ride back and she even thought the V1 was pretty cool. A keeper for sure eh?

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    if the GF likes the RD than yes she is definitely a keeper :wink:



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